Spaces where shopping is a pleasure. And selling, too.

The Style Outlets is the NEINVER’ s European Outlet Platform that aims to be the leader in Europe. Currently operating with proven success in 5 countries: Germany, Italy, Portugal, France and Spain.

The Style Outlets’ value proposition is:

  • offering a premium shopping experience, with a broader range of top brands, and products and new services that appeal to new customer segments.
  • offering an excellent property management to brands to maximize their business ratios, traffic and conversion rates

The Style Outlets mission is bringing more style into the lives of more and more people everyday.



Something inseparable from style: quality brands, quality materials and products, quality of service... Style with quality that our customers and shoppers can sense.


There are so many fashions, trends and currents... But there's just one Style. The Style Outlets, the epicentre of style, the place to be.


Feeling and expressing sensations, feelings, aspirations... Style isn't something rational you can explain; it has to be lived. And at The Style Outlets customers live it to the fullest


Who are today's shoppers and how do they live? How can they express their individuality and creativity in this mass society? Style is the answer.


Who doesn?t want to be attractive? Style attracts and stimulates attraction; it creates charisma. Seeing and being seen, enticing, captivating: it's all about style.